Memories in a Moment

Okay so my very first blog post! This is exciting, I think I have spent more time working on looking at other people’s blogs and making mine pretty that I completely forgot to blog! which is, after all, the whole reason I am on here in the first place lol

Well honestly the reason I decided to start a blog was because I stumbled upon (literally I was on ) this woman’s blog and it was AMAZING. I was so like jealous and amazed at what she was writing and posting and the food just looked so delicious. So I decided to try my hand at blogging.

Now I do have a warning for anyone who happens to ‘stumble upon’ my blog. It’s not going to go smooth. I doubt that there will be anything of it, except lame posts that some girl decided to send out into the internet. Well i have to admit a lot of it will be like that, BUT i am rele doing this more for fun then anything else so if you do enjoy let me know : D

I will just have you know that i love photography, photoshop, cooking, reading, art, and laughing. I love laughing. I also love my boyfriend Sean, so yes I will most deff mention him more then once : )


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