The Beginning

I AM AND WILL BE BACK! This is my post. One really quick until I have time to write my full post with everything that i want to. I am transforming!! It is official I have decided to turn this into a complete food blog. I figure why not? I have one week left of classes, finals all week. I will have a month off. A WHOLE MONTH. I was think that on my days off i should try and post something, even if I don’t have a large audience (maybe all of 1) but hey you never know right?


I would like to post at least once to maybe three times a week. If i can do more then hell YEAH! I will hopefully be starting tomorrow (12/16/12).The rules for me? As follows:

1. Post 1-3 times a week

2. Post a recipe (something legit not like peanut butter and bread)

3. Build a audience

4. Always include pretty pictures of the path way and the included dish

5. Have fun : D

This is my plan!! I hope if you are reading this you enjoy it and don’t laugh at me too much : D


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