Well now I may have lied . . . . only a little



I know I know, I said I was going to keep this a a strict food blog! But sorry after finals, then celebrating and with Christmas right around the corner there has not been much time. I did however want to take a moment to show off these card designs. Recently (As of yesterday at 7:00PM) Lucent Playing Cards designed by Sean Whelan officially went live! Now those of you who have not had a chance to take a look at these you should! These are hand designed playing cards that are a limited addition. They are AMAZING! Now WAIT!!

Before you click away, I really urge you to go ahead and check out the cards. Even if you never felt of much of a card collector these are worth taking a look at. I have seen the hard work that went into them and believe me Sean Whelan spent alot of time on them. SO check them out! You will not be sorry there are some amazing deals : D


Here is the official link : http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1293645903/lucent-playing-cards-by-sean-whelan

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words


We begin our journey! Do you ever have those day where you wake up and it seems like the day just passes you by. You turn around and all of the sudden you realize its 9PM already. The day just flies by you with the hustle and bustle of Christmas and work and the holiday seasons. Before you know it its time to sit back, relax, study for some finals and watch some t.v.

Today I ran into one of my old school teachers, I remember her exactly. She was my third grade teacher and I had loved her. For some reason I can remember everything she ever taught me, down to how to write my name in script. We went into the whole dance of catching up and peeking into each others lives. Even now as I write this late at night I am slightly saddened to see what I found. The beautiful smiling women had stage four cancer. They told her two years ago she had 4 weeks to live, yet 2 years have gone bye. I looked at her in disbelief, I can honestly say I did not believe her. I can still picture our conversation in my mind it seemed like the world seemed to move on around us, but we were in our own universe. She was having some old pictures printed, they were beautiful photos of her family. What got me was everyone was smiling, it was truly a memory in a moment. I know they say a picture is worth a thousand words, and i honestly believe that. But what got me most about today was how strong she looked, yet when you really looked at her you could see the edges starting to crumble. I stop and think about everything I have going on in my life, everything my family, my friends has going on and I realize how much we take for granted. I feel that if someone would have taken a picture of that moment when the world slowed down, felt it start to wobble, it would have been one of those pictures. A picture worth a thousand words.

She is added to my list of people who inspire me. For her strength.


Do you ever get a pounding headache. You know, the one that you get from being up so early that pounds right in the front of your head? Those are the worst additives to the day. It will always hit you at the worst possible moment too. You could be enjoying yourself, maybe visiting someone on their break at work and BAM it hits you. You then realize the positional this headache has over you. It has the power to ruin an entire evening. Even an entire week. Its like the all mighty and powerful because once you have a migraine the world seems to slow down and begin to pound. Its like a throbbing pain that enters on one side of your head and decides its there to stay. I always wonder if people can see the pain, can they see the pulse you are releasing? The power that something so simple has over you? It always scares me how much pain someone can get in because of something so small we cant even see. I wonder what would a headache even look like? On those rainy days like today, with a pounding headache you just want to curl up in bed cuddle with someone and take that cat nap that seems to solve everything. Today was an especially rainy day, one of those misty dark days that makes it seem like its already night time when its only 2:00. My favorite thing to do on these days is to make a cup of tea.

The perfect recipe to ride your self of a headache is a cup of black tea with a tea spoon of honey. I know it may sound bland at first but trust me, it is the perfect relaxer. While hot coco may be more ideal for this cold and stormy weather, there is something about making yourself a cup of tea, sitting back and watching the rain fall. Of course it would be better if it was snowing out, but rain is good too. So if you are ever having one of those days, i recommend this. Have a cup of tea, sit back with someone you love and relax. Enjoy life.


The Beginning

I AM AND WILL BE BACK! This is my post. One really quick until I have time to write my full post with everything that i want to. I am transforming!! It is official I have decided to turn this into a complete food blog. I figure why not? I have one week left of classes, finals all week. I will have a month off. A WHOLE MONTH. I was think that on my days off i should try and post something, even if I don’t have a large audience (maybe all of 1) but hey you never know right?


I would like to post at least once to maybe three times a week. If i can do more then hell YEAH! I will hopefully be starting tomorrow (12/16/12).The rules for me? As follows:

1. Post 1-3 times a week

2. Post a recipe (something legit not like peanut butter and bread)

3. Build a audience

4. Always include pretty pictures of the path way and the included dish

5. Have fun : D

This is my plan!! I hope if you are reading this you enjoy it and don’t laugh at me too much : D