Summer Bucket List

  1. Watch the bucket list
  2. Spend entire day reading comics
  3. Go to the Commentary
  4. Mini road trip on the island
  5. Big road trip
  6. Spend entire day curled up on the couch
  7. Read through my book list
  8. Dance in the summer rain
  9. Go to the Bronx Zoo with Sean
  10. Cook A LOT
  11. Read though my cook books
  12. Stay up late playing Minecraft
  13. Beat an old game from start to finish
  14. Watch Gilmore Girls
  15. Start something Epic
  16. Spend every day with Sean
  17. Sneak out for Midnight Swim
  18. Lay in the grass and stare at the stars
  19. Blog every week
  20. Improve my photo skills
  21. Photoshop a good collection
  22. Eat good food
  23. Visit all the places the Barefoot Contessa Lists
  24. Watch movies I’ve never seen
  25. Lay in the sun
  26. Re-read all the Stackhouse books
  27. Read new books
  28. Read classic summer books by Jane Goodger
  29. Watch the sunrise
  30. Bake through my cook books
  31. Visit my mom
  32. See a ladybug
  33. Go on vacation
  34. Garden
  35. Step out of my comfort zone
  36. Write a story
  37. Go for long walks
  38. Be inspired
  39. Create something new
  40. Add more to my list :)

*Sean should know he is included in every one of these things :p


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