Time. . . what is that?

I seemed to have gotten caught up in the hoopla of school. For the past few months its been a complete focus around passing tests, doing homework, once and awhile home cooked meals with more lesser meals and skipped breakfasts with graduation peaking above the horizon. I haven’t had much time for anything these past few months, let alone time to sit back and read through the cookbooks I got right after christmas! I have comics left unread, books never opened and movies never watched. It seems that I have been sinking in the middle of the pond, waiting for that hand to pull me back up to the surface.

With one more day of classes, two MORE new cooks books given to me by sean for my recent birthday (an amazing surprise!) and tons of movies, books and comics to read I think I am ready for the summer. As I sit down and finish my last study cram sessions, pull those all-nighters and pass out on the couch with sean after yet again more long days, the prospect of completely nothingness filled with cooking, reading, sean and relaxing seems just around the corner. In that new hope comes the excitement for my blog, which shall fill up with the stories of my lazy days, busy beach days, food adventures and photographs because this is after all just about catching the memories in a moment to be recorded from a lifetime for just myself and those who take the time to read my posts on a passby. Enjoy :)


Where is Spring?

Where is Spring?

It seems like only yesterday it was hot and sunny out all the time. I really do miss that! Winter seems to want to over stay her welcome, bringing cold rain and snow more often then sunny days. Being so busy it makes me sad that i haven’t had time to cook or bake anything. However, as i see the open window of spring I have some hope that the kitchen will soon be a more often than not place of refuge.

Adoption and Berries

Winter time seems to be the busiest time of the year. We have the hustle and bustle of school, work, errands and more work and school. Its not like the summer time when we have days off to just lay around in the sun and do nothing. Its seems, however, that there is always something to do. Papers to write, reading to do and no time to relax.

Recently though, Sean and I went out and decided to take our relationship to the next level. . . .yes I mean we adopted a HAMSTER! A cute, fluffy, little ball of fun! We seriously went crazy with it, buying it all these toys and cute accessories for her cage. This little thing (named ally) now stays at seans place (not allowed at mine!). She is the most adorable thing in the world. I think we are slightly obsessed with her and sean is so cute with her. Its adorable how much of a softy he can be!! But shushhh don’t tell him I told you!

304854_10200429582803431_693846725_nShe is so cute!

Well for a quick recipe you should try these Mixed Berry Smoothie’s. They are a good healthy snack that fills you up!! Now I do not fancy myself a professional cook, or even a cook. Sometimes I mess up a recipe so badly I wonder if i should ever cook again. I cook often, alot with sean but rarely do I remember to take photo’s of them. You know, your cooking and you get caught up with sauteing, mixing and not burning things you forget to get that snapshot. Sometimes even when you do the picture is simply horrible. I sometimes go to edit them and get on here and have tons of photos I cant even use! That drives me crazy. Now I am not a professional photographer, but i do love taking photos, editing them and all the hoopla. Sometimes it is amazing the shots you can catch.


So I hope that even if your simply a one time, passerby you like my photos, recipes and randomness. I’m not here to become some amazing famous blogger with millions of hits. Simply a person who loves life and sharing stories. Let me know what you think! I am always interested in other blogs too so feel free to comment and like so I can check out yours!

Mixed Berry Smoothie:berries 2 copy 2


• 150g frozen berries

• 1 banana

• 1 tsp honey

• 4 tbsp natural yogurt

• 150ml orange juice


1. Chop up the banana into manageable chunks, throw everything into a blender and blitz until smooth. If it seems a little thick add more juice, or if it’s not quite creamy enough add more yogurt  If you wish remove the berry seeds pass the smoothie through a sieve, but don’t worry too much!


Well now I may have lied . . . . only a little



I know I know, I said I was going to keep this a a strict food blog! But sorry after finals, then celebrating and with Christmas right around the corner there has not been much time. I did however want to take a moment to show off these card designs. Recently (As of yesterday at 7:00PM) Lucent Playing Cards designed by Sean Whelan officially went live! Now those of you who have not had a chance to take a look at these you should! These are hand designed playing cards that are a limited addition. They are AMAZING! Now WAIT!!

Before you click away, I really urge you to go ahead and check out the cards. Even if you never felt of much of a card collector these are worth taking a look at. I have seen the hard work that went into them and believe me Sean Whelan spent alot of time on them. SO check them out! You will not be sorry there are some amazing deals : D


Here is the official link : http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1293645903/lucent-playing-cards-by-sean-whelan

Passage to another world

Have you ever sat down, picked up a book and forgotten the rest of the world? Sometimes for me, I find that I go months and months without ever picking up a book. Then one day, I just pick one up. Completely at random. And boom! I’m lost in another world. Books have to be the most amazing invention ever, they cause you to use your imagination, to learn about others, to relax and gain your knowledge. They have to ability to change who you are and everything that you stand for.

Now I know what you must be thinking. That’s not true. Its just a bunch of made up lies that us nerds make to make ourselves feel better. BUT that is so not true! I have to stand up against that and say that one day, you WILL pick up that one book. It’ll be the book that changes your life forever. From that point forward you will never be the same. You will find yourself wandering into little book stores to browse the shelves just to see if you find anything that catches your eye. You will find yourself, on a rainy day curling up on the couch with a book in hand, drink in the other ready to take on the world of literature. Once you do, cross over to the dark side, you will come to realize that you have been missing out. It is the greatest accomplishment to be able to finish that book, and realize that it did indeed effect your life. Because they do effect your life, I promise you that. No matter what you are reading it will in some way change your view about something, maybe give you a great idea. I promise that you will never be the same.

Last night, I picked up a book for the first time in about 3 months. Now even though I say 3 months that dose not mean I was addicted to reading 3 months ago also. But last night, trying to make sure I diddnt fall asleep on sean, I picked a book off by book shelf at random. It just happened to the ‘The Wedding’ by Nicholas Sparks. Now I don’t know if anyone out there has read this book, or any of his other ones either. But let me just tell you, i started reading at 12 midnight (me and insomnia are best friends sometimes) and i diddnt stop until well after 3 Am. By then i had actually read the entire book cover to cover. I can honestly tell you that by the end of this story i was indeed crying. More like bawling my eyes out. It was simply a beautiful story and for those of you with any knowledge of ‘The Notebook’ also by him, this was just as amazing. I love the way he writes and can honestly say I will indeed be re-reading this book again sometime in the future. The story line of this novel was just breathtaking, I mean a old man trying to make his wife fall in love with him again? Can i say sappy romances? Now of course im on this reading kick again. Seeing as it is a extremely beautiful day out ( and memorial day ) I may just grab another good read and slip outside to enjoy it in the sun with my puppies. Seeing as sean dose not get out of work until 6:30 i say i have plenty of time to bang out another great read!!

I would also like to note for all you people out there who are as addicted to reading as i am, there is this amazing website called Half.com where you can buy used books for cheap. Personally I love used books, I think they have such a amazing history and plus its better then paying full price for anything! Check it out if your interested its a great web site and I know me and my sisters order from there way too much!