Where is Spring?

Where is Spring?

It seems like only yesterday it was hot and sunny out all the time. I really do miss that! Winter seems to want to over stay her welcome, bringing cold rain and snow more often then sunny days. Being so busy it makes me sad that i haven’t had time to cook or bake anything. However, as i see the open window of spring I have some hope that the kitchen will soon be a more often than not place of refuge.

Well now I may have lied . . . . only a little



I know I know, I said I was going to keep this a a strict food blog! But sorry after finals, then celebrating and with Christmas right around the corner there has not been much time. I did however want to take a moment to show off these card designs. Recently (As of yesterday at 7:00PM) Lucent Playing Cards designed by Sean Whelan officially went live! Now those of you who have not had a chance to take a look at these you should! These are hand designed playing cards that are a limited addition. They are AMAZING! Now WAIT!!

Before you click away, I really urge you to go ahead and check out the cards. Even if you never felt of much of a card collector these are worth taking a look at. I have seen the hard work that went into them and believe me Sean Whelan spent alot of time on them. SO check them out! You will not be sorry there are some amazing deals : D


Here is the official link : http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1293645903/lucent-playing-cards-by-sean-whelan

Chernobyl Diaries, among other things

Do you ever sit down to a movie thinking ‘okay woop woop im pumped for this! this is gonna be epic!’ then the previews start. And every single one is about some scary movie where something creepy happens. Following this you start to feel the fear rising in your stomach. Soon you begin to realize that, well this awesome movie might just scare the shit out of you! So now im sitting there, next to sean about to go crazy. My mind knows that it wont be that bad, it is after all just a movie. And besides this could never happen. . .THEN it clicks! This freaking movie is based off a real place, somewhere where there rele was a nuclear explosion that caused everyone to leave.

Now i sit through this who movie thinking its about ghosts. And i love ghosts so that would have been cool with me. But NO! It has nothing to do about ghosts, only about people who were effected by radio activeness. So after jumping at every little thing, and burying my face in sean’s shoulder the entire movie I made it! And I have to say it was amazing after all. The concept was just awesome and everything about this movie made it epic. Even though after the movie was over and i was back at sean’s place and i still needed him to be in the hallway while i walked to the bathroom just to be sure i diddnt get attacked by monsters or anything, i would totally see this again! If your looking for a perfect suspenseful movie deff check this one out!


Has anyone ever tried the shakes at Dunkin Donuts?? If your ever near one go inside, ask for the cotton candy one. Its PURPLE. And seriously its like drinking heaven! Im a big DD fan thanks to sean, so i go there way too often. But man that was just perfect for the hot day we had today. And i think the fact that it was purple just made everything better!


One of the hardest things to do is sneak food after 11PM in my house. We have 3 dogs who like to bark at the wind, so when your trying to sneak into the kitchen after you just get home they decide to go crazy. However, if your ask skilled as i am, sometimes you are able to sneak into the kitchen and open the fridge with out making a peep. Of course, once you open the fridge is a different story. Saturday nights are the greatest because my dad goes food shopping in the morning, which means that at night we have a fridge full of food. Surprise!! Yet tonight was the greatest because i open it to discover that we now had pickles!!

I don’t know about anyone else, but pickles are one of my major weaknesses. They taste so delicious and go with any meal. I love how at dinners they always give you cole slaw and a pickle, which is after all the perfect combination. But pickles are like the ultimate summer snack.

The issue with tonight tho was getting the jar open!! Of course i get the toughest jars that doesn’t want to open for me! its as if god knew it was past my bed time and i shouldn’t be eating any snacks that late. But if he only knew! i stay up until late into the night never able to sleep! Insomnia and me seem to know each other real well. After a fierce battle i was able to hear that click of the jar slide open. I love the crunch of rele good pickles, they can not be soggy or you deff have a bad one, you should spit that right out!! And there are so many different brands of pickles too! i know, i sound like a complete nerd for going on about pickles but when you taste something that is just unforgettable, you’ll want to talk about it.

So as you can tell tonight’s topic is pickles. How often do you eat them? Most people think ‘well pickles you just eat out of a jar’. Have you ever tried them a different way? For me i like to experiments with them. They rele do taste good with anything but there are just some classics that beat everything else.

Salami and Pickle Sandwhich

2 slices of bread

couple pieces of salami of your choice

one slice of cheese ( or more i usually add 2, but im also a mouse)

handful of hamburger pickles (the cut up ones to make it easier on the sandwich)


Using all the ingredients above build your mighty sandwich! I promise you its the perfect combination. Other ways to change this would be to toast the salami first. Believe it or not it salami tastes so good when it is toasted or even just fried. It crisps up and tastes just like bacon!! Enjoy your sandwich perfect for a summer day when you want something fast and easy :)