Welcome to my blog! Enjoy!

Anyone who says sunshine is happiness has never danced in the rain. They have never spent hours with one person no matter the place and laughed so hard they felt their ribs cracking. They can not truly know what it is to be totally and completely happy until they meet that one person who makes them smile 24/7, laugh harder then they ever have, and look forward to spending every moment with that person. Then their comes a day when you realize you have spent over 210 days with the same person and you want to do more. You never grow tired of them, your always thinking of them, your completely happy with them. That’s the moment when your brain goes ‘fuck yeah’ and you smile. Well this is my ‘fuck yeah’ to everything and everyone.

My name is Stephanie, and I am from Long Island, NY. I am  a college student trying to make it though without drowning in life. I love photography more then anything, though I owe that all to Sean. I have a passion for art but I am going to go to school for business, hopefully one day i can open up a comic book shop/bakery/restaurant/I have no idea what i want to do with that haha.

Well, there are are three thing I love most/ believe in most that would be:

1. Ghost Hunters

2. Memories in a Moment (photography)

3. Sean (most important)

I write this blog mainly for myself but also for Sean. He makes me want to be passionate about life and try new things. I know he reads this and is my biggest fain (hardy har har haha) but i love to write and projects like this so i look forward to any comments and likes that come my way (:

Update: I hope I can change this to a food blog, wish me luck :D


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